about me.

Hello. My name is carlos perez sanchez gonzazlez. I am a 11 year old gamer. I live in florida with my sis,my parents,grand parents and all that crud. My school is Ernest R. Graham Elem. I REALLY like video games so i created this site just for that I was born in cuba by the way. My best freinds, cristopher, daniel, and J.J. are all gamers also and we all went to the same school but J.J. is now 14 so hes not in ERG any more-sad face- anyway sorry there are no pics of me now... 
Last name: Perez            Age: 11                            School: ERG

First name: Carlos           Faverite color: Green         Likes: Anything but work

Dislikes: Annoying people-Hobbys: Vid. Games          Birth place: Cuba