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new game. 03/20/2009

oh my god! i downloaded a game my buddy cristopher told me about and all i have to say is... GOD! its soooo hard, he wasnt kiding its called "i wanna be the guy" its bout a kid who wants to be "the guy" but has to face many HARD obstacles first wanna know why its hard? #1. YOU DIE WITH ONE HIT #2. THE GAME CHEATS ON YOU SO MUCH YOU WANNA COMMIT THAT THING WHERE YOU KILL YOURSELF IM NOT SAYING THE WORD FOR IT #3. EVEN THE EXPERTS SUCK AT IT THE GAME  ONE GUY DID A WALK THROUGH AND AT THE DRACULA STAGE, HE ENDED UP YELLING AT HIS COMPUTER!!!! so thats why its hard i dont wanna take out my anger at you so seeya! oh yeah! to download it (if you dare) go on google, and search "i wanna be the guy download"