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Hi guys! Good news! I'm gonna come up with a theme for... MY NEW WEEBLY SITE!!!!! It's true, i'm bored of one site so why not two? But I got no idea what for it to be 'bout.If you have an idea, tell me! I'll consider anything, but only if:

1: It's kid appropriate.

2: It's not boring or alike to this one.

3: It cannot be about you, I want something cool!

So i'm looking forward to any ideas my loyal viewers have, remember, i'll CONSIDER your ideas, NOT use the first idea I see.

Also don't forget, if you have any info on my dog, lucky, comment me! Remember, she is a female Martis, white, small, cute, and fluffy, and does NOT have her collar on. Go on my Blog and comment me about the info.